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  1. President & Chief Executive Officer

    Digital Marketing & Technology Company

    Seth Preus
    Owner, State Farm Insurance

    I have worked with Steve in several businesses over that last 7 years and he is a skilled serial entrepreneur. On numerous occasions I have seen Steve overcome a significant setback in his business. He doesn’t just rebound from a setback, but will actually turn it into a brand new opportunity and end up being even more successful in the venture as a result of the obstacle!…more

    February 8, 2016, Seth was a consultant or contractor to Steve at Digital Marketing & Technology Company

    Jennifer Wing
    VP Marketing and Advertising at Entrepreneur Realty | Lead Strategy Developer

    I consider myself very fortunate to have worked for Steve. He is an outstanding leader who knows how to make all the moving parts work together to quickly grow a start-up. I truly admire his ability to manage people. In addition, Steve has extensive knowledge in both real estate and digital marketing. I am grateful for the knowledge I gained from him.

    February 4, 2016, Jennifer reported to Steve at Digital Marketing & Technology Company

  2. President & Chief Executive Officer

    Real Estate Investment, Brokerage & Mortgage Co’s

    Lance Dehning
    Lance Dehning
    Owner at High Street Condos LLC.

    I was fortunate to work directly with Steve for just over three years. Despite being a real estate investor for 27 years now, I was still able to gleam knowledge, expertise, and strategies from Steve. His knowledge of technology and the use of it for lead generation and its driver for real estate transactions is in the top 1% of persons in this industry. He is analytical,…more

    February 8, 2016, Lance worked indirectly for Steve at Real Estate Investment, Brokerage & Mortgage Co’s

  3. President & Chief Executive Officer

    Diversified Residential

    Michael Walling
    Partner, R.B. Gold & Associates, Ltd & Healthcare Succession Advisors

    I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Steve for the past 5 years and the breadth and depth of his knowledge never ceases to amaze me — be it complex real estate structures, digital marketing, creation and application of technology, business strategy, or as a trusted advisory. He is a person of character and integrity and makes those around him better.

    February 4, 2016, Michael was with another company when working with Steve at Diversified Residential

    Craig Gougis
    Founder & CEO

    Steve is a dynamic leader with vast knowledge and experience in the areas of real estate, marketing & technology. His foresight and drive makes him a great asset when companies are looking for rapid growth.

    February 4, 2016, Craig was with another company when working with Steve at Diversified Residential

Steve Taplin – Speaking Personally

Q:  Why are entrepreneurial skills valuable in an organization

A:  Entrepreneurship is about taking the initiative, it’s about taking risk, it’s about being agile and flexible and continually challenging the status quo. It is an important capability of any successful organization because it creates opportunities that generate both business and customer value. It drives an organizations competitive advantage in an ever changing business climate. This skill is essential whether you are transforming a business, managing the day to day operations or developing new products or services.

Q.  How would you describe your leadership style?

A.  I would best describe myself as a high energy, engaged, results oriented, collaborative, inspirational and willing to “roll up my sleeves.” I strive to not just “manage what is”  but strive to create “what can be.” My consultative style allows me the flexibility to lead a diverse team within a complex organization.

Q.  How do you get an organization to perform at levels beyond what they though possible?

A.  It begins with leadership. The leaders of the organization must create the basic foundation for success and over-performance to exist. It is more than just teaching, coaching, motivating and rewarding. Leaders must:  Be a catalyst: Have a clear purpose and focus. Be tenacious: Facilitate team success, not individual accolades. Be resilient: Keep your goals alive. Do not lose sight of what you are trying to accomplish. Be committed: Commitment to excellence. Be the best.

Q.  What have been the greatest lessons your career has taught you?

A.  First, always continue to challenge yourself and embrace change. Second, never stop learning and developing new skills and capabilities. Third, do not underestimate the potential of your employees and what they can accomplish as a team. Finally, true leadership success is best recognized by the achievements of those around you

Steve Taplin – Results in Every Role


As of 2016 completed 2,673 real estate transactions in 19 states with a total value of over $300 million.


The creation and roll out of a national real estate investment franchise company that expanded in numerous states throughout the US and profited over $4.1 million in the first 3 years of its existence.


And executed a technology platform that analyzed potential real estate acquisitions and facilitated the renovation, management, leasing and disposition of the assets.


More than $80 million of revenue, while exceeding anticipated profit margins at IBM while consistently performing among the top 3% of the sales team.

Steve Taplin – Education & Credentials

Delivering Strategic Solutions for Growth, Profitability & Sustainability

Master of Business Administration

DePaul University in Chicago, IL


Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems, School of Business

Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, IL


Real Estate Broker’s License & Mortgage Loan Originator’s License Arizona


Presented numerous sales and real estate investing education topics as featured keynote speaker to audiences ranging from 50 to 2000 attendees


Host & guest speaker on numerous real estate radio shows